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At JustUs Chiropractic Marketing, we offer a wide variety of postcards that are guaranteed to build, sustain, and grow your practice. Our chiropractic postcards are much different because we don’t simply put a spine on the back with a headline, “in pain?”. We offer 6 different types of chiropractic postcards all with a different purpose! Read more about these postcards below.

Our cards are designed with the critical elements required for successful direct mail. Studied under direct marketing expert Dan Kennedy, our postcards are different, stand out, and most important. They get results!

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New Patient Postcards

New Patient chiropractic postcards are designed to educate and attract new patients that live or work around your practice. The cards are mailed to areas (pockets) around your practice based on income, household value, age and other demographic data. Our chiropractic postcards are designed much differently than other cards, but they also deliver exceptional results.


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Reactivation Postcards

Reactivation chiropractic postcards are sent to in active past patients with the purpose or reactivating them. We create the cards with an allure to attract the patient back to the practice. Reactivating past patients with reactivation postcards is an simple way to increase your practice and bottom line!


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Existing Patient Postcards

The most effective and easiest way to maintain and grow a practice is by retaining your existing patients AND getting them to refer. That is exactly what these chiropractic postcards do. Existing patient postcards are more effective than email newsletters and much less expensive than mailed newsletters. You’ll increase your patient retention, boost patient visits, and you’ll multiply your referrals.

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Personal Injury Postcards

You’ll be surprised at how effective personal injury postcards are. These cards are taken RIGHT OUT of our personal injury marketing package (link). There are two different types of cards. The first is used to mail to patients or neighborhoods to introduce them to your practice and inform them that you are a PI practice that can help them with auto and work-related injuries. The second type of Personal Injury postcard we offer educates, builds relationships and produces new PI patients for years. These cards are designed specifically to be sent to attorneys, auto body shops, towing companies, and other strategic partners. Building your PI practice is very simple when you send out PI postcards.

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Event Postcards

We produce event postcards for chiropractic practices around the nation. We can either custom design a card for you or pick from our selection of already designed cards. Just a few of the events we have designs for include: Patient Appreciation, Weight Loss events, Grand Openings, announcing a new location, moving locations, Chair Massage events, HCG seminars, Diabetes Seminars, Practice Birthday cards, March Madness party. Have an event coming up or need an idea for an event? We can help!

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Postcards – Effective Chiropractic Marketing

There are so many ways to market your practice, but chiropractic postcards are one of the most effective and affordable tools to grow and sustain a successful practice. Our clients who are consistent at sending out postcards report an average ROI (return on investment) of 10-to-1. That is $10 back for every $1 invested! Chiropractic Postcards work! We will direct you into a campaign that fits your goals and budget. Here at JustUs Chiropractic Marketing, we know what type of chiropractic postcard campaigns work. Frequency, amount of cards, reach, design, demographic, size, drop date, Landing page, and other technical aspects are all our expertise and we will direct you to success! Call today to get started!

Chiropractic Marketing with a Money Back Guarantee!

At JustUs Chiropractic Marketing, we only offer marketing tools that we know work and we can stand behind with a money back guarantee! We are confident in providing chiropractic postcards, structured referral program called the Referral Booster, Personal Injury Program including PI Coaching, Search Engine Optimization, Chiropractic Marketing Coaching, web design, and Web Optimization in which we make your web site more effective so it captures and generates more new patients! Need help in one or many of the areas above to grow your practice? Give us a call 360-326-8896

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