Have a big event coming up? Planning your annual marketing? Need ideas on how to grow your practice?

At JustUs Chiropractic Marketing, we have promoted a wide variety of events for chiropractors. Our clients know that by mailing out event postcards to their existing patients and/or neighborhoods that they will assure a successful event. Not only do we have the designs, but we have the expertise in events. We will coach you and your staff on what it takes to hold a successful event. From condition seminars to appreciation events. We will help you so you! We have a variety of different event postcards to choose from or have a card custom designed. Mailing to your existing patients is always recommended for events, and depending on the type of event we can recommend if mailing to the community will help increase your results.

At JustUs Chiropractic Marketing we have produced hundreds of different chiropractic events. Some of the more popular events that we mail postcards for are:

  • Patient and Community Appreciation events: We have numerous designs on file or we can custom design a card for you. We will also provide support for your appreciation event. From ideas, timing, logistics, activities and more. The average practice receives 20 new patients from holding an event like this when they mail out postcards.
  • Weight Loss Seminars: from HCG, laser liposuction, personal training, even fitness instructions. We have a variety of different cards to assure success. Ladies Night: This is a slam dunk event every practice should hold. We will coach you on how to hold a successful ladies night. Very easy for you to hold and implementing our postcards produces HUGE returns!
  • March Madness: Have the game on, special promotions, and lots of fun.
  • Christmas in July or summer: A great promotion to increase summer time.
  • Christmas Party: Celebrate with your patients, special invitations and even invite the community.
  • Patient Parties: We have a variety of different parties we can coach you on and cards you can use to promote.
  • Practice Birthday Parties: Make sure your practice birthday party is a big one by inviting past and existing patients.
  • Diabetes Seminars: condition and aliment seminars are always a huge success. We can mail cards to your patients and/or the community.
  • Massage or Chair Massage: have an event, seminar, or simply invite people to your practice.

Many other designs and cards available.

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