The easiest thing to do to maintain your practice is to keep your existing patients. Unfortunately, this is an area most chiropractic practices fail at. It is truly tragic because it costs so much less to keep a patient than it does to get a new patient. The reason most practices fail to implement internal marketing is because the doctors can’t easily measure the results. It is easy to measure new patients but difficult to measure retention or attrition.

Keeping in touch with your existing patients, educating them on different ailments and conditions, informing them on changes in the practice, sharing referral programs, and keeping them up to date on events will not only keep your practice solid it will grow your practice over time. Right now your existing patients are slowly slipping out your back door. You don’t notice because your attention is most likely on new patients.

Why postcards? There once was a time when newsletters were the effective tool to maintain contact with your patients. The problem is that your patients are busy and are not typically going to read a four page newsletter containing ailments. The newsletter is still effective, but it is VERY costly to mail out. The majority of marketing progressed and many practices went to email newsletters. Email newsletters are very affordable, but extremely ineffective! Less than 7% of patients typically read an email newsletter. That leaves 93% of your patients unreached! Right now many practices are attempting to use social media as a means to maintain contact with their patients. This is a great idea, but it still leaves the majority of your patients untouched. Social media is a recommended tool for a practice to implement. However, relying on it alone to reach patients is foolish. Studies show that the over 80% of your patients don’t read or even receive the Face Book posts! So what do you do?

We recommended Existing Patient Chiropractic Postcards.

Mailing out an Existing Patient Chiropractic Postcards every month or every quarter keeps you in the hands and minds of your patients. Our postcards have a highlighted condition, referral reward, preferred patient specials, news about the practice, and other great practice information. Postcards are very affordable to send and grab the patients attention the moment they open the mail box.

For one very low fee we design and print on heavy glossy stock, address, include postage and mail to your existing patients. An average practice with 2500 patients tends to mail out existing patient chiropractic postcards at least once per quarter. When we are asked how often a practice should mail out existing patient chiropractic postcards our response is, “How often do you want a boost in referrals? Monthly or Quarterly?” The more frequent you reach your patients the better your retention, the more patient visits you’ll have, more referrals, and a higher patient value. The ROI on patient retention is through the roof.

Here is a short list of Existing Patient Chiropractic Postcards we offer: 

  • Patient Reactivation
  • Patient Recall
  • Personal Injury
  • Ailment/Condition
  • Health Seminars
  • Events
  • Insurance Reminders
  • Holidays
  • Seasonal
  • Missed Appointments
  • Patient Appreciation
  • Moving Locations
  • Food/Clothing/Toy Drives
  • Weight Loss
  • Newsletters
  • Massage
Browse below for Reactivation Chiropractic Postcard samples.

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Christmas Cards 

Seasonal Cards 

Holiday Postcards

Food / Clothing / Toy Drive Postcards

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