If you want your chiropractic practice to have continual new patients, then you must check out chiropractic postcards.

Why Chiropractic Postcards

Only 7% of Americans see a chiropractor. That leaves 93% of the population as a untouched market! Why don’t they see a chiropractor? Simply because they don’t understand nor see the value in chiropractic care. Chiropractic postcards are a great tool to educate your neighbors and keep a steady flow of new patients coming in your door. Chiropractic Postcards by JustUs Chiropractic Marketing contain the required elements to educate, allure, motivate, and generate new patients out of the people who live and work around your practice.


How Chiropractic Postcards Work

Chiropractic Postcards don’t work if they are not done right! Plain and simple. Most practices and doctors who have send out postcards don’t understand how postcards marketing works. At JustUs Chiropractic Marketing, we specialize in Chiropractic postcards and position each campaign for success. We are very strategic in design, demographic, frequency, consistency, reach, drop dates, paper type, layout, landing pages, and other specific determining factors that create a successful campaign.


At JustUs Chiropractic Marketing

Our new patient chiropractic postcards are calculated based on your practice and goals. New Patient Chiropractic postcards are a great way to increase your new patient numbers month in and month out. The average practice that sends out 5,000 postcards per month sees an average of 12 additional new patients per month. We provide graphic design, high quality printing with UV coating, mailing lists, addressing, postage, and drop at your local post office all for one very low fee. We take all the hassle out of mailing postcards and do it for less money than you could on your own!


Are New Patient Chiropractic Postcards Right For Your Practice

As you know marketing is an investment not an expense. Therefore you need to determine your required Return on Investment for every type of marketing you utilize. Here is a way to determine if New Patient Chiropractic Postcards are right for you.

  • Figure your average patient value. You can determine this by taking your annual gross revenue and divide that by the number of active patients for that year. The average practice in America has an average patient value of $1500/year.
  • Now calculate how many years a patient remains active in your practice. Most practices keep a patient at least 2 years.
  • Now we do the math. Take your average patient value, multiply that by the number of years a patient remains active. For instance $1500 x 2 = $3000 avg pt value.

The average practice in America has a patient value of $3000. Now when you calculate a new patient postcard campaign you can determine if it is a good ROI. Lets say you invest $2000 per month for 12 months mailing out 5,000 postcards per month. That equals $24,000. Is that a large investment? Remember it depends on the return. Lets assume your campaign did very bad and only averaged 6 new patients per month for 12 months (72 new patients). You would still generate $216,000 from the campaign. When you divide the investment by the return you see a ROI of would mean your return from the campaign would be $9 for every $1 invested or a 9-to-1 ROI. This is very good especially when you consider in the fact that those patients are going to refer their friend and family, buy other services, and hopefully stay longer! If you had an average performing campaign you’d have $18 back for every $1 invested! A slam dunk!


Be sure to ask about our New Patient Postcard Money Back Guarantee!

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