Most chiropractors are interested in having a percentage of their practice filled with personal injury cases. However, most chiropractors don’t know how to successfully keep a solid amount of new PI Cases coming in the door. At JustUs Chiropractic Marketing, we have created, tested, tuned and perfected a system to assure constant PI patients through Personal Injury Chiropractic Postcards.

This page is designated strictly to chiropractic office interested in Personal Injury Chiropractic Postcards. We do offer a complete program and even just a step by step manual to grow your PI Practice. If you are interested in this please click here and you’ll be directed to our Personal Injury Chiropractic Marketing site.

At JustUs Chiropractic Marketing, we hold the key to growing your practice with PI patients. There are a couple avenues you need to consider when wanting to grow your practice. The following are the recommended steps to growing your practice. We have proven designs to use for each step.

  1. Most Chiropractors don’t specialize in just PI. Therefore your patients may not know you can help them with Auto Injuries. Sounds silly, this is a common mistake many chiropractors make is to assume their own patients know they handle Personal Injury. The first thing you should do is mail a Personal Injury postcard to all of your existing patients. We even offer a “glove box guide” which you can hand out to your existing patients to keep in their glove box in case of an accident.
  2. In your practice, you most likely target a specific demographic as your target patient. When it comes to Personal Injury cases, there is no demographic. The second strategic move to make is to mail out postcards to all the homes and businesses around your practice. Ideally everyone within a 5 mile radius. The goal is to mail a postcard out at least twice a year to everyone.
  3. Establishing relationship with Personal Injury Attorneys, auto body shops, towing companies, personal trainers, insurance agents, physical therapists, medical doctors and others is a fabulous way to build and sustain a profitable PI practice. We can provide you with accurate lists of these specific professionals in your area. Most of these professionals are not convinced that Chiropractic Care can really help their customers/clients/patients. Therefore we have educational cards that inform how chiropractic care can help, different ailments and cards that propose a partnership among others.

When mailing these very direct postcards to the businesses every month, you will begin to become the Personal Injury Practice to all of these businesses. As a result you will develop and maintain relationships with these businesses who will think of you as the chiropractor to refer to. The advantage of this campaign is the results will last for years. If one Personal Injury attorney send only 1 PI case to you a month it would be a slam dunk!

If the average PI patient is worth only $4000 how many cases would it take to make a successful campaign? Not many at all! When mailing to professionals you’ll experience the repercussion of the campaign for years! Let’s figure worst case. If you mail to 1000 professionals and only receive 1/10th of a percent of a response of businesses that partner that is still a slam dunk! If only one attorney sent you only 1 new PI case per year, that is $48,000/year!

The Reason Personal Injury cases are so attractive is because of patient value. Personal Injury Chiropractic Postcards by JustUs Chiropractic Marketing assure your past and existing patients come to you when in an accident, your neighboring residents and businesses think of you when in an accident and that you have a variety of business professionals referring their customers/clients/patients to you. This is an easy campaign to gain long term results from.

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