If you have been in practice for several years or purchased a practice that was established, you no doubt are sitting on a gold mine ready to be harvested! Most practices have a large number of inactive files sitting in their office. Reactivation Chiropractic Postcards are an EASY tool to bring those patients back into your practice.

Most patients quit coming into the practice because of one of the following:

  • Out of pain
  • Moved
  • Cannot afford care
  • Changed insurance
  • Don’t value the treatment
  • Don’t like you or your office

We have Reactivation Chiropractic Postcards to overcome most any objection except for moving out of the area. We will also provide you some suggestions to increase your reactivation of past patients.

A typical reactivation campaign looks like the following: Most practices have at least 1000 inactive patients. We run the address through the USPS change of address program to determine which patients still live local. Then we create a 6 month postcard campaign to reach local patients with a different message each month. We overcome objections to leaving, highlight different aliments / conditions, and provide incentives to return to your practice.

Lets say you had a campaign that performed below our average of 12% reactivation and only reactivated 5% of your of your inactive patients. So out of 1000 patients you reactivated 50. If the average annual patient value is $1500 you would generate $75,000! That would be over a $20-to-$1 ROI or $20 back for every $1 you invest! A home run by any standard! Keep in mind this is a worst case scenario!

At JustUs Chiropractic Marketing we create your Reactivation Chiropractic Postcards to be effective by overcoming objections, educate on specific ailments, providing an incentive to return, generate referrals, and inform on changes in the office. We recommend postcards over letters due to open rates and cost / results.

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Be sure to ask about our Reactivation Postcard Money Back Guarantee!

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